Mikron Automation

Automation Solutions for High-Precision Assembly and Testing

Mikron Automation is a leading manufacturer of automation solutions.

Mikron Automation is a manufacturer of customisable, efficient automation solutions for high-precision assembly and testing from pilot up to fully automatic line.

Solutions for pen injectors and test and diagnostic kits

The company supplies solutions for devices such as inhalers, safety syringes, pen injectors, auto-injectors, e-devices, test and diagnostic kits, IV sets, lancets and pumps.

Core competencies include designing a highly standardised manual to fully automatic modules through its Mikron G05 and EcoLine platforms and its expertise in complex process integration.

Devices for loading and unloading parts

Mikron uses Polyfeed, a flexible feeding system, and Tray Handler, for loading and unloading parts from trays. Hardware and software machines are validated according to GAMP-5, and solutions operate with outputs from four to more than 400 parts / minute.

The company accommodates for special conditions including cleanroom ISO: 7 (class 10,000) applications.

Medical project expertise and remote maintenance support

Before shipment, Mikron's dedicated training centre introduces clients to the standard operation of the machine.

After installation, specific training will ensure optimum use of the new system. Production assistance provided by technicians' increases productivity by guiding clients.

In addition, support is provided with remote maintenance tools, a service hotline, and the expertise of technicians who arrive on-site to provide support throughout the life cycle of an assembly solution.

Pharmaceutical and medical device industries are governed by stringent regulations and production processes, which need to be verified through strict procedures.

Mikron has a dedicated and skilled team with medical project expertise to offer full qualification support in accordance with GAMP-5 guidelines.

About Mikron Automation

  • Mikron Automation is a leading global manufacturer of automation solutions for economical manufacturing of products in high quantities
  • Worldwide presence to support clients locally
  • Facilities in Boudry, Switzerland, Berlin, Germany, Denver, US, Singapore and Shanghai, China.
  • 580 employees
  • CHF 126.8 million in annual sales revenue in 2014
  • 40 years of experience
  • 250 customers worldwide
  • 3,000 installed systems
  • More than 50 projects a year
  • Four to 12 months delivery time
  • Everyday 45 million components are assembled on Mikron solutions
  • The company serves global customers in different markets, including pharmaceutical, medical devices, automotive, electric and electronics.

Contact Details

Mikron Automation
Route du Vignoble 17
2017 Boudry
Contact: Denver, US
Contact: Jean-Fran├žois Bauer
Contact: Shanghai, China
Contact: Singapore
+41 32 843 11 11
+41 32 843 11 12

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