Precision Micro, Small and Lead Frame / Insert Injection-Molded Plastic Components

Precision micro, small, and lead frame insert injection-molded plastic components.

Accumold® is a high-tech manufacturer of precision micro, small and lead frame / insert injection-molded plastic components. Utilizing processes developed from our Micro-Mold® technology we design, build and produce unique molds and parts for the micro electronics, automotive, micro optics, medical and military markets, among other applications.

These parts are typically less than 0.5in³ in volume. To larger molded parts we add micro-features, such as thin walls, micro-fluid channels, tiny holes, filters or screens. These parts can be found in telecommunications systems, surgical tools, hearing aids, hand-held devices, antennas, micro-connectors and more.

Micro-molded plastic components for medical devices

Micro-sized parts are produced in our own micro-molding machines, utilizing processes that we started our business with over 20 years ago. Our micro-molded parts range from about 0.5in in size to parts measured in microns. These components often have complex geometry and very tight tolerances.

Accumold builds specialized molding machines for this unique capability. The machines are engineered to handle volumes from prototypes to 5 million or more parts per year while maintaining consistent, precise tolerances that are unique in the industry.

Small and miniature parts for medical devices

Small or miniature parts maintain the same precision and quality as our micro-molded parts do; they are simply a bit larger, ranging in size from about 0.5in to about 3in in diameter using a 1oz shot of material. Many have micron tolerances. These parts can have micro-sized features also measured in microns. Using Accumold’s modifications to our presses ranging from 12t to 35t, these parts are made with minimal waste and fast cycle times.

Many small parts are developed as a result of the combined efforts of the customer’s design engineers and Accumold’s tool designers, saving material costs and assembly labor.

Lead frame molding and insert molding

Accumold can mold plastic on and around all different types of metals, plastics, fabrics or films. Some of these processes produce complete parts, while others are ready for further processing by our customers.

Handling, inserting or assembling micro-sized parts during manufacture can be an issue. Labor-intensive manual handling is expensive and can damage or contaminate parts. Accumold’s tooling and automation systems for lead frame and insert applications are second to none.

Precision micro-molding facilities

All our tooling, molding, packaging and metrology is performed under our roof in our 82,000ft² facility located near Des Moines, IA, US. With 15 acres of property, our plans include expanding our facility to 200,000ft². We are ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004 certified. Our plant is completely climate-controlled and has three 100,000 clean rooms.

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